The Scout Heritage Fellowship is a member of the Branch Scout Fellowship Council and a part of the NSW Fellowships network.

All volunteers in Scout Heritage NSW are members of the Scout Heritage Fellowship which meets four times a year for social outings. The first of these meetings, in April, is also the annual general meeting at which office bearers are elected for the coming year. This meeting is held at the Granville Activity Centre.

About us

The role of the Fellowship is to:
* Provide an avenue for volunteers to become members of Scout Heritage NSW;
* Encourage an interest in heritage within Scouting;
* Run a social program that members find enjoyable and informative;
* Provide members with a quarterly newsletter NSW Scout Memorabilia News;
* Encourage members to staff the Australian Scout Museum on open days; and
* Raise funds to support the state collection of memorabilia.

Join us

To enquire about joining the Fellowship contact the Secretary.
Membership costs $20.00 per year ($30.00 if you want printed copies of NSW Scout Memorabilia News posted).

To apply:
* Complete the A12 Form - Application for Membership Scout Fellowship
* Mail the signed form to the Secretary for consideration
* Pay the annual fee to the Secretary